1. Begin writing about something you love everyday. 7 years later, lock yourself in an apartment bedroom in Mexico for two weeks as the writings seem to magically form into a book
2. Edit, Design and Publish book (get lots of help)
3. Book an event with Deepak Chopra in Portland then have a small first run of books sent to the hotel you are staying in there
4. Talk about your book and life story in hotel lobby with the hotel manager after he hands you your first box of books
5. Hope that a random women sitting in lobby overhears you talking about your book and asks about it. Then offer her the first ever copy of your book for free.
6. Bump into same woman in elevator where she insists you take a Whole Foods gift card as payment for book.
7. Say “Thank-you” then go eat a delicious breakfast at Whole Foods.


With a love for the wonderful support of life,

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