A rose blooms when it’s ready. An intricict balance between nature and nurture with no expectations from the sun giving it life millions of miles away. Nature doesn’t expect. But, humans do. Our ability to be conscious of our surroundings and the free will associated with this has put us in a class different than most of our earthly counterparts. One that sometimes separates us from the rest leading to a faulty sense of superiority on this nature hierarchy.

This expectation for timed results disconnecting our flow in many ways. Assuming we can alter nature and steer the river. We expect our children to develop certain skills and abilities in a certain time frame via school. If they don’t blossom in the way we say and on the timing that suits us, we call it failure.

But there is another way. One that releases the expectations on yourself and the world around you. One that allows you to just BE.

Ask yourself “What type of things did I naturally like to do as a child before the tests and grades began? Who are my true heroes then and now? Why do I look up to these people? Do I have any of the same characteristics that need nurturing to bloom?” Feed yourself with the knowledge needed to spark a rememberance of the truest you then surround yourself with the people that don’t expect but reflect. Allow the flower to flower.

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