Many of us feel “fake” much too often. Walking around in fear that we’re going to be found out. Having learned so early on to fit in and wear our respectability that we’ve forgotten how to take it off. Losing the key to this restricting iron mask.

Fitting in is our poison. A slow death we feed ourselves over time when we don’t answer an inner striving and follow our passions.

And is it worth it? This slow regret filled trance. Full of predictability and imagined safety. You know the answer. Deep down, you can feel a tingling desire to shake things up. Stopping the wonder of what other people are thinking of you. Doing it your way.

Respectability short circuits this imagination. Calling it irresponsible. Child’s play. “Grow up” it whispers in your ear. It’s controversial to stand out in our society. Yet, that’s precisely what I’m asking you to do today. Find your uniqueness and do it because, well, it feels awesome! Become the hero you’ve always wanted to be. Get a little “irresponsible.” Be YOU and live for today, forever.

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