NOTE: This is a past Christmas post I thought I’d share:

I’ve been going through a sort of withdrawal this past week.

With 2016 events, wish grants, TV show filming and a book launch in the rear view mirror, I don’t have any pressing engagements as I slide into the holiday season. Suddenly presented with a few weeks where I’m not expected to DO anything.

This new found (and much needed) idle time has presented something interesting. It seems that my mind and body has grown accustomed to the buzz of activity. And they aren’t entirely happy with a deeper desire of stillness and reflection.

It’s all to easy to slip into the belief that you are your mind and body. That these vehicles of spiritual expression are the ones running the show. A leadership role they are all to happy to assume, fulfilling their action oriented duty. Steering your life without a moral compass to places that ensure busy-ness, justifying thier localized existence.

Yet, like any vehicle, your body and mind burn out with overuse. Eventually hitting a wall. Sometimes releasing awareness to a forced recognition of your true soulful self. Sometimes not.

If you feel as though you’re hitting the red line of your life, and would like to skip the eminent spinout and crash, I’ll implore you to try something that helps me.

Sit or lie down for a moment. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths. As you begin to notice these breaths, begin to talk to your body with the most love and compassion you can muster, repeating these words over and over:

“Be Still and Know I Am God.”

Give your mind and body permission to rest. It deserves a break.

NOTE: If the word “God” doesn’t work for you replace it with one of these words: Spirit, Universe, The Boss, Energy, etc..

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