In January a few years ago a wonderful man named Bradley went to Holy Heart Theatre in St John’s, Newfoundland to pick up concert tickets. He saw a poster for an I Am Genie event with Gabrielle Bernstein and felt the need to buy a ticket. So he did. The evening of the event he felt the need to go on stage to tell his story of inspiration while battling a brain tumor. He did. Courageously baring his soul to an audience of 600 people. Gabrielle Bernstein then felt the need to ask the audience to pray and meditate for Bradley during a very emotional song. We did. I felt the need to surprise Bradley with a dream day and asked St John’s for help. Then, we did. Many more people saw the story being broadcast via NTV, CBC, VOCM, The Evening Telegram, Facebook.

Love expanding from one simple irrational decision to buy a ticket for a Gabrielle Bernstein event. Bradley had no idea who she was. Had he not bought the ticket, none of the experiences outlined would have followed. All because of Bradley’s decision to follow his intuition.

I could go on and on about the beauty of following your needs or burning desires. These are the magical, powerful, sometimes illogical or mundane daily things your intuition asks you to do. Revealing an opportunity to accept or not. Very likely one of these moments will come up for you today. Imploring you to act. When this happens, think of Bradley. Think of all the good that may come out of a simple decision to follow your gut. Then, just do it.

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