Well, I did it again. Used rambling small talk when meeting one of the worlds greatest spiritual teachers. First time I met Deepak Chopra it happened, making it all the more surprising to watch this habit come up again when being introduced to Sadhguru.

Research has confirmed that surface level small talk doesn’t help with happiness levels or the building of relationships. So why do we do it so much? Why did I do it? Simple answer – it’s a safe, socially acceptable habit.

Fortunately a habit that can be transformed with one thing – awareness and new practices. Both of which allowed the conversation to begin with small talk but quickly transform into Big Talk. Something I’ll urge you to do today. Instead of chatting about the weather, your job, your house or the latest TV show, watch yourself. If you begin any conversations with these topics use it as a cue to start a conversation that will instead strengthen a realationship with someone, leading you deeper into an understanding of your own engineering. Talk about the very things you’ve been told to avoid. Ask someone what they think of God. Enjoy the silent space shared with another to reveal remembrance. Keep an open mind. Learn with this rembering growth. Have fun living your life without the boundaries of perceived safety. Let your intuition lead the way instead. Liberate your mind.

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