I hear a lot of talk about choosing positivity. Something I’ll admit to professing from time to time. But there is another way.

Because while choosing a nice thought may give a little artificial high for a moment, it only lasts as long as you continue choice thoughts. With one forgetful moment having the potential to initiate a warped negativite reality that might feel like stepping off a cliff. Falling fast and hard.

French philosopher Blaise Pascal wrote “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

Something you may want to consider before going straight to choosing positivity. Choosing instead to sit in quiet room with yourself. For if you do this enough a beatiful realization may dawn. One that accepts your personified infinite nature. One that doesn’t identify with the negative or positive thoughts because, well, they aren’t you. Remembering that while choosing positivity may work for a time there will always be a flip side ready to take its place.

And with this understanding you make a simple pledge. You decide to choose the whole you.

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