I believe in Magic.

The everyday sort that allows for faith to release the hold of worry and moments of synchronicity to act as reminders that we’re a part of something much larger than our minds can comprehend.

While planning for a wish grant with our now “forever friends” at Echoes of Hope and the LA Kings I noticed the synchronistic moments increasing in frequency the closer the big day came. With this beautifully eerie faith building note coming via a fortune cookie the day before we were set to surprise the Lee family.

A prediction that would be proved true the very next day. And a beautiful reminder I was on life’s path, dancing with the wizard behind the thought curtain. For it’s my deep belief that ever present coincidences like these act as breadcrumbs leading and clearing the way. Something Carl Jung understood when saying “Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.”

Today, I’ll implore you to believe too. If you are feeling lost or losing faith, reopen your eyes wide to the magic by looking for life’s wonderful conisidences. These simple clues have the power to cut through the confusion of illusions like a knife, revealing your true path. Reminding you to relax into the warm embrace of a universe whispering “I have your back. You are never alone.”

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