How to contact the event organizer?

You can contact us directly at

However, if you are interested in a changing any ticketing details please see here for instructions:


What to do if there’s a typoed email address on your Eventbrite order

Contact us at and we will adjust

Or, you can also log into your eventbrite account to change your details.  Here’s how you do it:


I lost online ticket for the show! 

Yes we can resend your tickets. Send us an email at


How do I transfer my ticket to someone else?

This is the process for transferring tickets.


How do I log into my account on eventbrite?

Not sure if you have an account with Eventbrite? Enter your email and we’ll confirm by either surfacing a “Password” field to log in or providing a link to “Sign up for free”.


Do you issue refunds?

There are no refunds however you can transfer the tickets by logging into with your email and following these instructions


Is there was a way I could pay over the phone, without entering my visa info online?

Our St John’s and Winnipeg events with Eckhart Tolle take orders on the phone.  The remaining orders are taken online.  If you have any issues please email


Will there be an opportunity to meet Eckhart personally at the event?

There will be no opportunity for meet and greet as it would be too difficult to see everyone.


All tickets I purchased are under my name, rather than my name and the people I am going with? 

You will be OK as long as you have the physical ticket but you can go to and login with your email to change the name on the tickets. They may ask you to create a password to be associated with your account if you haven’t already done so. Enter your email and we’ll confirm by either surfacing a “Password” field to log in or providing a link to “Sign up for free”.


I’m getting error completing the registration.

You may want to use a different website browser or update your current one.  Firefox and Google Chrome work best.  If that doesn’t work contact


I am in a wheelchair or have handicapped. Where can I purchase this seat? 

We have accessible seating for all events.  Please click on the ticket link and scroll down to find the “Accessible (WC) seating category.


Can I purchase accessible seating if I am not handicapped?

No.  These seats are available for people who need them.  Please respect this.


I accidentally just purchased seats for the show in a wheelchair accessible area.

Please email and we’ll ensure your tickets are transferred


Did my order/registration complete?

Not sure if your order went through? All you have to do is log into your Eventbrite account or enter the email address you used to register here. You can check to see that your order went through successfully on the Tickets page when logged in.

TIP: Just need to view or print your tickets? Learn more.

Keep in mind your order confirmation email and/or pdf ticket also serves as the receipt for your registration. If you need a receipt in a specific format, you’ll need to send a request to your organizer directly.


If multiple reserved seating tickets are needed, will the “best available seat” function place them together?

Yes! The system automatically takes into account the “best available seat” grouping that matches the number of tickets included in the order so the full party is sitting together, as long as the seats are located in the same row.


Can I buy a ticket without using a credit card? (e.g., with cash, check, or invoice)

For our St John’s and Winnipeg locations you can go to the box office in that location to purchase a ticket with cash.  For all other locations and events tickets must be purchased online.


How to pick a seat for a reserved seating event

If you’re registering for a reserved seating event, picking your own seat is easy and only takes a few steps (as long as the event organizer allows this). After you review all the details about the event, just click “View on Map” or “Get Seats” to view the venue map for the venue. You’ll see the ticket price when you hover over a seat, and all you have to do is click or tap on a seat to reserve it!



We will be sending you an email on parking details about a week before the event.  If you require details sooner please contact the venue listed on the event page.



We presently don’t have relationships with any hotels in each city at the moment.  This may change as we get closer to the event date.

Thanks for your time and if you have further questions please contact

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