Do you only say the things that you think people will like? Do you find it hard to express feelings that you think might make you look different than everyone else? And the biggest of them all, are you not following your dreams because of what other people might think?

Taking the first step in releasing the Tiny Book of Magic to the world recently was both wonderful and a little scary. I’ll sometimes post something on Facebook and then take it down a few minutes later if I don’t get enough likes. Something I felt for a moment when I sent the book announcement email and posted the same on Facebook.

I know, pretty shallow right? The thing is, we can all be pretty shallow in moments when we feel exposed. Yet, this is precisely what we need to do in any artistic or creative endeavour. Expose ourselves. Show the world who we truly are, in all our glory. And, this isn’t likely going to look like what everyone else is doing.

You are you, beautifully and simply so. Don’t hold it in. Don’t wait for someone else to give you permission to be yourself. Do it and do it proudly. Lean into it. Not in an arrogant, “I’m better than you” way. But, a “here I am” way. If you can do this, in full truth, I’ll promise you this. It will inspire someone out there. And, you will feel this deep down. This connection changing you ever so slightly. Giving you permission to expose yourself again. And again…

Oh, by the way, interested in a Tiny Book of Magic?

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