Clippers make wish come true for Robbie Stanford FOX Sports from Genius Productions on Vimeo.

I felt “in the zone” all week with wonderful tingling sensations leading the way. With great wish grants these energetic waves feel omnipresent, connecting anyone open and involved into a common mission to LIVE. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, bringing gratuitous salty tears to my eyes.

You can feel this tingly energetic motion in this inspiring video showing us surprise the Standford family with over 30 wishes in 3 days with the help of the LA Clippers (and many, many others).

Feeling blessed to have found my path, I now feel it’s important to share how to do it with others. Spreading this simple, beautiful magic. If you’d like to find your way back to a wishes fulfilled life my proposition to you is simple—read this tiny book of magic, understand life’s great illusions, and follow the tips at the end of each chapter. If you are open, ready, and willing, it’ll help you connect with your true self—the only place you’ll ever find what you’re looking for.

Pre-order here: Tiny Book of Magic – release date November 16

With love,

Josh Dawson


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