Ever get so into a great movie that you forget about everything else? Lost in the characters and plot until the closing credits bring you back to reality. Same goes for having a Netflix series binge. I watched so much of House of Cards once I noticed myself thinking and acting a little like Kevin Spacey’s horrid character for a few days. Ingrid wasn’t impressed.

And these wonderful escapes only own your sense of sight and sound for a few hours. Imagine watching one where all five senses were affected. One where you could feel being gently touched on the arm. Or tasting a perfect peach. Wouldn’t this truly hook you?

Such it is with our daily lives. Bombarded with sensory pleasures and discords, we forget that we aren’t the experience. But, rather the watcher of it. The awareness. Something you might want to remember when you get too involved in the ups and downs of your wave filled life.

Take a moment and just breath. Disconnect from the sensory matrix. You get to chose what you focus on. If you prefer a local reality, continue believing you are this character that you’ve created. But there is another option. One that allows you to see more than just your thoughts and experiences. One where your focus is expanded onto itself. Begin by watching your thoughts. Remembering you are this watcher. Now, take a deeper step back and watch your awareness. Put the focus on this the true reality of you. Moving from the finite to the infinite you may begin to forget you were watching that “your life” movie at all.

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