Your ego has the capacity to make you feel high or low. Separating you from everyone else, it gives you a name, an identity, a story that you can call your own. “I AM JOSH” might be the first example of me professing my ego. In fact, most kids don’t even understand being given a name and refer to themselves in the third person. “Josh wants to eat” “Josh wants to play” were probably my first sentences. I had not come to be controlled by my thoughts, yet. But, very quickly and via conditioning, egocentricity begins to control your life and soon “I” and “My” creeps in. “Don’t touch my toy” “I want to some juice!” “I’m going to my room!” At this point, the conditioned version of you is in the drivers seat.
It’s applauded in our society to be an individual, to stand out from the crowd. Further strengthening it. But, we unfortunately got it wrong. Because in the creation of our ego, we’ve disconnected ourselves from the most important thing – ourselves. Our spirit. God. Use whichever name suits. And the juxtaposition of it all is that in our ego’s quest to be an individual, we’ve all become very similar. Selfish, putting ourselves as #1, always maintaining the vision of what your name entails for you. Creating and reinforcing a story.
Wouldn’t it be better to stop the mind’s incessant conversation and listen to the only voice that really matters? The childlike voice that comes from your heart. A voice that doesn’t know or understand who Josh is. The I AM that I AM. A beautiful being connected to everything, with no name or identity. But, how?
We commit to living in this moment with no make believe personality shackles. We realize that the past and the future are simply stories our minds like to review for entertainment. Today, we begin to notice how often we use the words “I” or “me”. Understanding that we truly own nothing, not even our bodies or minds, we step back and observe a new vocabulary blooming. One that sees the world as “ours” not “mine.” One that understands that we are only as strong as the weakest link. Today, this dog wags its own tail. Today, we put spirit back in the driver’s seat.

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