I hope you feel helping people in need is a community effort. From my perspective, it takes a village to raise a child. Same goes for adults. Earlier this week, a Mom wrote me asking for advice. About three years ago, her oldest daughter estranged herself from the entire family. She’s reached out to her many times with no response. As a parent, it has been a great struggle and she’s looking for ways to heal and get “unstuck”

If you feel you may have constructive advice to offer, please read the email she sent to me (below), then share your insights. I’ll forward them along. NOTE: I asked her if it was OK to share this and she’s looking forward to your responses.

“Thank you so much for your great emails. I read each one with interest and they could not have come at a better time for me as I am in a very difficult time in my life right now. About three years ago our oldest daughter estranged herself from our entire family . It has been a great struggle for me and for all of us and I can’t seem to heal from it no matter how I try. I know they say change is good but this is not the kind of change that any parent wants. We have tried several times to connect with her and nothing is working.My husband and I have tried counselling .I have been doing meditation and I also connect with nature often but I am still unable to get past this and move on. I don’t know if I ever can. We seem to be getting good at avoiding people. I just feel so stuck in my life. I feel like life is passing me by. We do have two other children who are incredibly supportive and I try to focus on them but the pain does not seem to go away. I was hoping you might have some advice that could help us heal from this terrible tragedy or maybe make some suggestions as to where we may get some help.Thank You for your inspiration every day.”

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