“He’s blue. Kinda spooky. But really nice. Honest.” That was the headline in News & Observer newspaper in Raleigh, NC on Feb 23, 2011. Still ranks as one of my favorite article titles. Mainly because it’s the only dream day surprise where I was the one a little spooked. At first.

Sylvia Wiggins is a force of nature. People usually jump back a little when they see a 6’2 blue genie suddenly standing before them. Not Sylvia. She lifted me off the ground with a hug so hard it hurt, before turning to a crowd of reporters and Promptly giving a speech that had them laughing and crying at the same time. The dream day had begun and I hadn’t said a word yet.

Sylvia started Helping Hand Mission in Raleigh North Carolina decades ago. And has helped so many homeless and hungry in her community that we couldn’t walk down the street without hearing someone yell her name. A true hero. From the moment Sylvia picked me up until the end of our whirlwind 24 hours of wish granting, I didn’t stop smiling. Not even for a moment.

I remember looking at this fireball of love while she was dancing at the Carolina hurricanes game thinking “What’s her secret? I want to have an inexhaustible supply of energy like that.”

It wasn’t until I reviewed the photos of the next day that it dawned on me. She was following her bliss. And her bliss was helping people who couldn’t help themselves. That was her simple secret. Doing what made her happy. So beautifully simple.

In a previous email I talk about how ME to WE transforms the world. And it’s easy to fall into the trap of attempting to solve the world’s problems by going straight to WE. But it will never work that way. ME to WE will always start with ME. So, don’t worry about the WE. Keep it simple and follow your bliss. It’ll naturally turn your ME upside down.

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