I have a confession to make. I don’t own a cell phone. A few years ago I cancelled my account for two reasons. #1) I wasn’t being in the moment enough with people, especially my children. #2) The cost was a lot. Because I travel so much, most of my bills would be between $400-$800.

So, I thought I’d do a test. I would cancel my phone at the time when I would need it the most. During a wish week. And you know what – the world didn’t stop, I Am Genie kept on rolling and the wish week was a resounding success. One of our best ever. In fact, we filmed the Genie Reality show sizzle during this week. While there were some issues with people getting a hold of me, they were insignificant compared to the magical surprises and chance meetings that happened everyday because of living in the moment. Each day was a little bit more magical.

Since then, I’ve adjusted a bit and bought an iPad, got a google voice number and signed up for a data package ($50 a month). Essentially turning my iPad into a phone if needed. The quality isn’t as great but at least people can get a hold of me if absolutely needed. And the iPad is so large I don’t carry it with me everywhere I go, allowing for a greater appreciation of moments that make up my day.

The point of this email isn’t to tell you to get rid of your phone (or to switch to an iPad). I realize this isn’t feasible for most. Instead, it will hopefully act as a gentle reminder that we always have a choice. To live in the NOW or not. And if you need to adjust a few things to make living in this moment more likely, it might be the best move you ever make. Have a great day.

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