One of the primary reasons I created my alter ego, the Genie, was to be able to do the things I thought I couldn’t. I’m a naturally shy person. The type that enjoys getting a lay of the land before jumping right in. When I go into a restaurant, I’ll ask for the table in the corner and speaking in public has proved a challenge for me until recently. The Genie doesn’t have any of these hang-ups, jumping into new situations and shining his magical light whenever and wherever. Live morning show interview with a mask on clamping my mouth shut, no problem. Surprising someone in need of a wish in front of thousands of people, easy peasy.

Now, I supposedly wear a mask more often than most. But, is this a reality? Don’t we all wear masks every day as creations that help us do things we may not have thought possible. Or even to hide our true selves. Not the Halloween type, mind you. Usually, much less exciting ones like business person, housewife, mom, dad, student, artist, and more. A list almost as long as our imagination. A list pointing to our collective categorizing culture. Shifting with the sands of time like a Days of our Lives soap opera. We get so used to wearing these mind made illusions, we begin to assume that they are who we are. They aren’t.

The reality is the genie was never in the mask. Just like the mask you wear isn’t who you truly are. We’re so much more. The mask just scratches the surface. In order to truly connect with spirit, it must to come off. And for my evolution, a new expressive Genie is breaking out. One that allows a brighter light to shine and connect with the people. One that likes to write every morning in service to love as I’m doing right now.

Katie Byron says “If you realized how beautiful you are you would fall at your own feet.” An epic, freeing truth if fully realized. You see, we are all shining lights, dimmed with mirrored conditioning. The thoughts that surround you as you look in the mirror when you wake up aren’t the real you and will never be. Just as much of an illusion as your reflective mask. Today may be your day to take off your mask. See the true you staring back. If you can honestly accomplish this feat, I’ll promise one thing. You’ll open a portal to your true power – Love. Bowing before its magnificent beauty.

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