Forced positive thinking has the potential to backfire because if it isn’t true, you know it. You know you’re lying to yourself if you are using positive thoughts like “I am fit and healthy” and you aren’t. Your internal lie detector goes off. Sometimes, making you feel even worse.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr. said “Hope is the magic carpet that transports us from the present moment into the realm of infinite possibilities.”Saying to yourself “I’m noticing how much I talk negatively and plan to read and implement Josh’s emails for 21 days in an effort to establish a conscious talk/thought practice.” brings back the hope of “I Am Positive” with no present moment disconnect.

“I Am ____” affirmations do have immense value. I use them every morning and throughout the day. What we’re talking about here are the obvious unaligned statements that your body and mind simply reject for a variety of reasons. Today, test out a variation. Try “possible thinking” instead of “forced positive thinking” as a replacement for negative talk. Imagine what might be. No need for delusions, just the beauty of infinite potential.

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