Did you know that there was more information created in the world last year than all the years before that? Wherever you go information bombards you with wildly contradictory advice. Whether it be the talking heads on TV or fake news on social media it can sometimes prove very difficult to choose who to believe, who to follow and what, if any, of this data is useful.

It’s my belief that what you focus on becomes your reality. And I know we’ve been focusing a lot on our negative thoughts these past weeks but the intention isn’t to stay here. It’s to become more aware and begin to allow a more natural version of ourselves to emerge. One that isn’t dependant on thought, good or bad.

And in this effort to remove these blocks, it would be naive to think that this title wave of information surrounding us doesn’t effect us. We’ve come to a moment in humanity where it’s impossible to digest the data. Attempting to do so masks our light with the static confusion of thousands of channels buzzing in our heads. It’s time to become selective in the bits and bites we consume. Because we are what we eat. Even in the data world. Just as there are certain foods make you feel heavier, so it is with information.

Time for a Digital Detox?

I’ve noticed how lethargic I feel when I spend too much time hypnotically scrolling through a newsfeed and have developed a few digital detox rules to help create some space. I hope they help

1.  Never go on social media within an hour of waking up or going to sleep

2.  Only check your email 2-4 times per day

3.  If possible, set aside 1-2 hours of creative time per day. Turn off your wifi

4.  Turn off all computers in the evenings as you sleep

5.  Give yourself a no screen day per week. Call it No Screen Saturdays or No Screen Sundays. On these days you don’t look at your laptop or phone unless absolutely necessary for maps, etc.

6.  Spend at least an hour in nature. Go for a walk

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