My Facebook is distorted towards love, peace, understanding and happiness. All of my favourite things. But, misleading. What you don’t see are the sick days. The days that I don’t want to get out of bed because I have too much to do. The moments I’m angry at someone. The days I second guess myself, pulling my hair out, wondering if I’m crazy for following my dreams. The days I’m sitting in front of my computer wondering what to say (like right now).

The issue with forums like Facebook, is they don’t show the whole picture. And, it’s far too easy to measure your life against this distorted image. Like comparing apples and oranges. You know all your imperfections. Probably a little too much. So, when you do this subconscious compare & contrast with an incomplete picture of others, your confidence suffers.

Truth is, none of us are perfect or have perfect lives. And never will. Something easily forgotten while scrolling through your newsfeed. Facebook (and most social media) does a great job of showing us at our shiny best. We project what we want others to see. But, it’s not the whole truth. No more than that drunk photo of you posted by a friend would be the whole truth. The truth is a collection of all stories and perceptions. The truth is something much deeper. The truth is a beautiful intertwined mosaic of so called “good” and “bad” moments. Let’s remember that before bringing anyone down. Most of all yourself.

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