Wayne Dyer said “The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.” An act I’ve participated in many times. When the idea to host 3 events with spiritual medium James Van Praagh came about, I wasn’t convinced mediums had the abilities they profess. But, when I have a thought attached to a tingly feeling, I follow it through. And, the idea of working with James was more “tingly” than most.

Not knowing anything about this medium world, I arranged to have a lunch meeting with one of Ottawa’s best. In the midst of eating our salad, my ignorance began to subside when he began talking about Ingrid’s recently deceased uncle and grandmother. Telling me things that seemed impossible for him to know. Messages that I passed on to Ingrid, helping her heal. Even after this experience, I attempted to rationalize it away. Saying that it was a lucky guess or maybe he did some research on Ingrid and I. But the “tingles” continued and we eventually went on tour with James.

Since my father’s passing 10 years ago I’ve tapped into a spiritual connection so deep it’s now challenging to differentiate any separation between us. Because of this, I didn’t feel the need to receive any message from him. But the moment presented itself nonetheless. While sitting in the green room, during the intermission of our Halifax event, James abruptly said “You know your father is always with you don’t you? I can see him on a rocky bank by the ocean walking by your side.” Reminding me of my meditations with Dad on Signal Hill in St John’s. James continued, saying “He has a message for you” Surprisingly, when he spoke, the tone of his voice changed to resemble my fathers with a Newfoundland accent, saying:

“Now Josh Don’t F@%K this up.”

I almost fell over in my seat laughing. Because that was the precise sarcastic way Dad would have showed his love for what I was doing. An unprompted sentence from James revealing a connection he had with a frequency I didn’t fully comprehend. Prompting me to come to this conclusion. We all connect with spirit in different ways. Authentic mediums simply tune into a different frequency than the rest of us and can use that ability to help heal. This is what James does. You may not believe me, and I understand. I wouldn’t have believed myself a few years ago either. It’s all too easy to reject.

Today, you may want to ask if there’s anything in your life you’re rejecting that you know nothing about. And if so, why? Do you have an idea associated with a tingly feeling that you haven’t followed through because your mind tells you it’s foolish? Are you rejecting another’s point of view without fully attempting to understand it? The thing is, this entire world is filled with magic if we allow ourselves to explore the assumed impossible. And taking down your rigid and inflexible views will help bring back the happy joy of belief you had before being told Santa Clause wasn’t real and the Easter Bunny didn’t exist. Explore your intuition with no mental boundaries. Prove yourself wrong. Get to know other perspectives. Bring the wonder back. Melt into your natural vulnerability and watch your life expand.

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