Everyone’s always on their iPhones. No personal interaction. We’re all becoming zombies. Pokemon Go. Seriously? What’s going to happen to our kids? The next generation is doomed. They’re so lazy! Sound familiar?

One generation doesn’t necessarily understand the next. People get used to their ways of doing things and automatically start to assume their’s is best. We evolve. That’s reality. Is all evolution good? I guess it depends how you look at it. But, I certainly don’t like arguing with it. Instead, I have faith in the its direction and find my place in it. Will there be growing pains with change? Of course. How else would growth take place? It’s part of nature. Viewing it as pain is a human condition.

Changing the way you look at progress might help. I look at technological progress and see endless opportunities for connection and growth. And I don’t even own a cell phone. Right now you may only notice everyone looking down at their devices. This view is as limited as the action. The day is almost here where we won’t need to type. We won’t need to look down to connect. Technology will become less distributive and more seamless. It’s already begun. Can it be used by people in power to take advantage of others? Can technology addictions arise? Of course. But the opposite can happen. Will happen. These massive technological connections might lead to a greater understanding that this is one world we live in. No matter the illusionary disconnected matrix we’ve projected in the past.

I can’t think of anything better than being able to see through someone else’s eyes. Feel their feelings, see the truth of their souls. Realizing that their thoughts are my thoughts. Their feelings my feelings. That, in reality, we are all connected. It’s coming. And technology will play a part. As Deepak Chopra’s likes to say “Don’t try to steer the river.” Flow with it.

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