If I reached out and pinched your arm right now all your awareness would be drawn to it. Instantly bringing you to a very localized low vibrational state. With many potential responses.

If you were conscious, this action would be a small blip on the radar with your focus dipping down for a moment before rising back to its natural high flying state. A likely response being walking away from me or calmly asking why I did that. With no action that would cycle the pain.

An unconscious person, while having precisely the same experience, would perceive it in a much different fashion. Likely already suffering via an attachment to incessant thoughts, this person’s awareness would also be attracted fully to the localized pinch with no boomerang back to higher consciousness. No readjustment of focus back to a wide angle sense. Focus instead finding a friend with this new pain. With a likely action being an immediate reptilian brain response of fight or flight with an added human condition of negative thought. “Why did you do that? You’re such an ass, I knew you couldn’t be trusted” type of stuff. Fighting back with nasty words or actions. Lack of perspective and space being the culprit.

We are all naturally attracted to low frequency experiences such a physical pain. It’s unavoidable. But, the conscious person realizes that it doesn’t do anyone any good to make a day of it. Living in that pain. If an experience localizes your focus today, don’t do a deep dive. Come back up for air. Don’t drown yourself in the heavy quicksand of pain.

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