Everyone loves my friend Keith. Prompting me to ask what his secret is. His response has stuck with me ever since. “I realized early in life that it’s really hard to dislike someone who likes you. So, I just really like everyone.”

When you begin to look at your life as a service to others something magical happens. An energetic shift takes place. Even as I write this message, I can feel it. You supporting me, protecting me, lifting me up. Take a moment and think of all the people you like the most. They help lighten your step. Today, try to remember that Love wins in this game of life. A recent reminder given to me after a phone call with a beautiful soul that may be helping us with a Los Angeles wish grant in the fall. Get out of your head thinking of ways you can help yourself and remember my friend Keith’s advice. Go be nice to someone. Like people. Help them with no expectations. I promise you’ll feel better.

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