As we grow and evolve, the very things that once propped us up may eventually begin to weigh us down. This happened with me wearing the Genie mask a few years ago. One day I realized it wasn’t needed as much during the wish granting. Now, with our events I’m faced wth the same predicament. It’s time to change the focus a little and let someone else take the lead with my heart is telling me to step into a new light. One that feels scary and exciting all at the same time. Writing calls me. And funnily enough, so does that Genie character. He wants to grant more wishes. So, I’ll follow. Not really knowing where it will lead. As usual.

Contemplating my decision to let a few things go one morning last week I was stuck by nature. Noticing how the trees have no “problem” with letting go of the leaves that no longer server their growth. A lesson we can all take to heart in this fall season. You may want to ask yourself “What’s holding me back?” Is it a past way of doing things? A relationship that has decayed? Maybe a habit that’s grown toxic?

We’re not so much different than those beautiful beings shedding their leaves right now. Following the same cycles of growth and expansion as nature. Mostly because we ARE nature. The only difference being, we tend to hold on. Not ready to let anything fall, trying to keep it all together. Resisting the pull of rest and renewal.

One of life’s greatest illusions states that life is hard. Which of course, isn’t really true. We like to think it that way. Henry David Thoreau said “It is remarkable how closely the history of the apple tree is connected with that of man.” Something you may want to contemplate today as you hold on to your “apples.” Don’t be afraid to accept what is calling you. Don’t be afraid to let go and fall into the flow of it all. Growth is waiting.

And….here comes another shameless plus..interested in a Tiny Book of Magic?

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