Today I’d like to give you a little glimpse into the Genie world in the hope it inspires you to follow your heart. Here’s something I wrote one morning before a wish grant.

It’s 5:30AM, the telephone next to my ear is buzzing. A recorded message tells me to get up. Having visited 20 cities in the past 3 months, I forget where I am for a few moments. Feeling butterflies in my stomach when my purpose is remembered. Quick shower, and huge breakfast (I might not eat for another 12 hours).

Dressing for work takes me a little longer than most. Looking closely in the mirror, I apply the first brush of aqua blue make-up around my eyes, thinking “What would my father say is he could see me now?” Bringing a slight smile to my face. I know the answer. Next up, a very tight fitting custom-made aqua blue (some would say slightly spooky) silicone mask. My second skin these days. The ensemble is completed with a tailored red suit, white gloves and shoes. One last look in the mirror while I tighten my tie amazed at the transformation. Both external and internal. I’m feeling lighter now, even with the 10 pound mask. The genie is taking over. Confidence replaces timid shyness, slightly altering my movements. Everything become more extravagant and precise. Time doesn’t seem as important as I lose track of it.

Glancing at the clock brings me back. The moment I’ve been waiting for moves closer than expected, without effort. Don’t want to be late for this important date. I step outside the hotel room door, run down the hall and stretch out my arm to stop a closing elevator door. A look of unbridled shock from a tiny cleaning lady. I say “Hi.” She takes a small step back. No response. Another smile creeps across my face. Jogging through the hotel lobby, heads turn in the Genie wake. The valet has a red convertible Ferrari Modena 360 waiting for me, matching my suit. I jump in, he jumps back, and the 800 horses behind me roar to life with a press of a button. Top down, mirror check, heavy foot on the pedal. First stop, FOX studios.

Today I meet my hero. A reverse blind date with someone that has overcome Brain Cancer 4 times, had her eyes reconnected to her sockets and learned to walk again. She’s only 29 having cheated death more than once and deserves to have a light shine on her story for a day. This hero has done something remarkable. She’s beat Cancer. It instantly makes me want to please her, understand her and help her have a day of fun to get away from it all.

This person doesn’t know I exist. But soon will. I’m imagining the look on her face when, all of a sudden, the blindfold comes off presenting her with my blue alter ego. It’s one of the things I live for. Will she jump back? Will she hug me? Will she be bewildered? I imagine them all. She’ll probably never forget me for the rest of her life and I really, really like that. I certainly won’t forget her. Our surprise date will include Ferrari driving, racecar lessons, a helicopter flight, jet boating, a spa massage, all ending with an overnight stay in a luxury hotel on a beach. TV cameras will follow like paparazzi and we’ll be interviewed by too many reporters ending up on the evening news, making the front page of the newspaper and be invited on a morning talk show. In all, we’ll have a little more than our allotted 15 minutes of fame. A Dream Day changing the world ever so slightly.

There’s one thing I know already. It happens every time. For at least one moment today I will see her as she truly is. I hope she sees me too. I imagine we’ll have deep conversations revealing our secret hopes and dreams. The magic of a real connection between two people will happen. I’ll watch her face and expressions as she does things that may not have been possible without the power of this community’s love. My favorite part will be driving from experience to experience. Connecting.

My focus is intense. Believing that the measure of your focused confidence in a desired fantasy will correlate with the speed and intensity of its arrival in reality. The habit of imagining a burning desire as if it’s already happened is now ingrained in me.

Today my burning desire is to give a woman who has faced too much hardship a day she’ll never forget. Today we help ensure my new soon to be friend, who has endured 30 radiation and 12 chemo treatments, forgets her struggles. Today we live life and inspire. Today she gets what she deserves. Today we let love be our magic.

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