While I love writing, I also love taking a break. When the words don’t come, I don’t fret or worry. There’s no label of “writers block.” As the waves of life ebb and flow, I’ve fortunately remembered how to surf a little better. And when the sea grows calm I enjoy the parts sometimes hidden by a focus on the horizon.
The writing stopped the day after the Tiny Book of Magic was released. Replaced by a need to rest, a desire to walk and take it all in. Appreciating right here and now. Appreciating all the people, like you, who have helped along the way.
Something we may forget to do with the frantic pace of life most of us inhabit. Because there always seems to be a new wave to catch in this ocean we’ve stirred up with thought. Yet, it does us an injustice to forget that life is a balance between movement and rest, yang and yin. When we push ourselves to our limits we must remember to rest and allow a healing to take place. Forging a stronger you.
Life isn’t a race. You’re not going to win a prize for doing more than someone else when it’s all said and done. With every out breath there needs to be an inhale. Something you may want to notice today if you’re feeling at the end of a exhale. Let is all out and allow life’s nature to fill you back up. Put your feet up for a moment and take it all in. Let the stillness sing its graciously refreshing song.

Thank-you so very much for your love and support.

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