Go within and you won’t go without. Have walking meetings. Work for 90 focused minutes, then take a break. Twenty second hugs rock. Watch for synchronicities. Power of now attracts things and people to you. Ride the wave. Reconnect with your child self— no ego. Don’t make decisions based on fear or greed. Mind is powerful enough to cause blisters—manage your mind. Value every encounter in your life, and treat all people as your teachers. Choose love over fear. Never give up on your dreams, no matter how silly. Most dreams take five years. We are not alone. Out of pain, comes the greatest teachings and opportunities for growth. Realizing this allows you to transcend pain. Your spirit can heal anything. People are doing the best they can with what they have. Following the herd has caused some of greatest atrocities in the world and is one of the biggest causes of unhappiness in the world—we are all distinct lights and need to follow the voice in our heart. Go with the flow. Detach from the outcome. The greatest people in the world fail regularly. We are all one, and everything is connected. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. Giving and receiving should be balanced—to not accept gifts throws off this balance. Treat everyone as divine even if they don’t deserve it. We are brainwashed into believing we are our identities whether it be a jock, nerd, prep, beauty queen, or rocker. In reality, we are all divine extensions of one source. Don’t die with your music still in you. The wake of a boat doesn’t affect its future course. Angels are real and Aliens exist. Don’t rely on your five senses; use your higher sense. When faced with a decision ask, am I doing this from fear or love? Don’t look for approval. Fit the pieces you are given together. Find a special place to be alone for at least 15 minutes each day. Watch animals and nature carefully; they’ll teach you things. Every day is a little life—treat it like one. Forgiveness will change your life. Ask how may I serve in- stead of what’s in it for me. Change your perception if it’s causing you pain. Baby steps lead to giant leaps. Align yourself with a higher version of you by following your pas- sions. Stop shit talking. Create a bucket list and set intentions to complete items on it by specific times. Do something you fear once per day. Everyone suffers; if you can find meaning in the experience it can become a triumph instead of a tragedy. Read some- thing inspiring every day. You are part of a gigantic puzzle; don’t try to fit in by changing who you are because it won’t work … you’re already perfect—remember that. Be wary of those who know better. Tell the truth, even if it’s unpleasant. You are a spirit unrestricted by time, space, or your physical condition. Don’t argue with reality; create reality. Live as though your dreams are already a reality, and don’t chase them; will them into being. We are all geniuses; society makes us less than. Actions, feelings, and love mean more than words. You’ll see it when you are ready. Stop making excuses. Help people who feel they are alone realize that they are not. Consciousness is contagious and lifts the spirits of those around you. Banish doubt. Practise being the witness to your life. Shut down inner dialogue. Be selfless. We were given a body for a reason— use it. Don’t assume another’s truth is yours. The shift: if 3.14% of the population champion and new practice an idea or way of being (like consciousness) the rest of the population follows suit. The hundredth monkey. I am not my DNA. Be a firestarter. Is the thought you are having absolutely true? How do you know for sure? What if it’s not? Who would you be without it? Choose your words wisely—“I have an ankle injury” has a different energy than “my ankle is healing.” Be careful what you say after the words “I Am.” It’s not about what you want but what you are. We are all part of different tribes and cults; awareness of this helps us escape the dogma. I am Canadian—good or bad statement? Reclaim your divinity. The ego relishes pain, and without it would cease to exist. The real magic of wish granting happens when you shift from wanting to be someone or have something to being who you are. Align with God consciousness and all else follows. Love what you fear. From the moment we are born we are trying to get back to spirit—our original nature. Be the light. Let love be your magic. Let your fun out. I am that I am.

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