Plato said “Nothing in the affairs of men (and women) is worthy of great anxiety.” I couldn’t agree more. I suffered a concussion a year ago and with it came some significant post concussion anxiety symptoms that still come up from time to time if I don’t monitor myself properly.

But, like any hardship, there’s always a rainbow in the clouds, if you look for it. And, I’ve developed some tools to deal with this new found friend. A statement you may better understand if you keep reading.

#1: Make anxiety your friend. Embrace the fear:

I can’t stress enough how important this point is in healing. About a week after the concussion I was lying in bed and it started to feel like the entire world was closing in on me. An impending dread engulfed my entire being. I quite literally thought I was going crazy. It was like a black void opened up and was sucking me into it. Almost as if I was dying. Most people call this a panic attack. I tried to run away from it in my mind but the more I ran the worst it became. Eventually it subsided with some conscious deep breaths but it left me shaken to my core.

The next night, it came back again while lying in my bed. I knew what didn’t work this time around. Running away from it wasn’t going to help. Instead, I embraced the feeling with as much love as I could muster (which was very difficult). I accepted the feeling of impending death and craziness. And something amazing happened. My mind stopped thinking and my spirit was elevated to a place I hadn’t experienced before. It felt like I was in heaven. And everything I had been so afraid of melted away.

Now, when this anxious feeling comes up, I play with it in an accepting state. It’s still not very fun at first but it always reveals places that need exploration and compassion.

#2: Meditate as soon as you wake up and before you go to bed:

This one is for anyone really. If I don’t do this, my day always seems to unravel. I’ll keep stressing the importance of this one and it really helps calm any anxiety.

#3: Try Yoga:

As soon as I was able, I started doing yoga daily and it was one of the key activities that allowed me to heal.

#4: Limit your computer usage:

Get outsite. Go for walks in the forrest. Oxygen is our friend and whether we realize it or not, extended computer use messes us up.

#5: Drink lots of water. I love tea, but it wasn’t by friend during the healing process. Same goes for coffee and soft drinks. Replace all your drinks with water.

I hope this helps someone.

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