Some days I really feel like the Universe has my back. Other days, not so much. Many of us, myself included, have developed this habit of flight or running away when faced with fears that challenge us. This mental lethargy, rationalized with perceived maintenance of safety, sapping our vitality. Whispering that any challenge to our collective thought pillars are bad, dark or evil. A sweet. shallow illusion when viewed from a different perspective. Transcending this,we see this imaginary darkness for what it truly is. The backend of a door to the light of the universe.

You see, we don’t need to run away from the things that scare us. That’s what we used to do, when it suited. But, we’ve evolved. Now, our spirit rejoices when we follow the urge to stand our ground because it knows what’s coming next. An expansion. An opening, revealing a new reality to explore. If we can begin to see these challenges as our greatest gifts, their riddles are eventually revealed. With acceptance, bravery, courage and faith rewarded with a beautiful glimpse of enlightenment. A path open to all of us at any moment if we can just step through that dark, frightening, thought filled door.

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