Deepak’s presence in my life over these past years has been a big inspiration in the Tiny Book of Magic coming to bloom. With his words “The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself” seemingly ringing in my ears as I embarked on this exciting new stage of worldly expression. Making it feel all the more surreal when he just sent this wonderful testimonial after reading my book:

“A magical book that can help you transcend life’s greatest illusions and live a wishes fulfilled existence.” – Deepak Chopra


If you were intent on painting a beautiful sunrise I doubt you’d look into the darkness for inspiration. And so it is with our dreams. Interested in a nightmarish type of existence? Simply focus on all the negatives of this world, thinking about them moment to moment before talking and acting them out. A low frequency, very heavy task if you ask me. Pointing to a divergent path.

With this Tiny Book of Magic I gain faith in the realization that we are all the painters of life. Staring straight into that sunrise for guidance I felt an infant creation longing for life. Words crawled before jumping off the page. Transforming both myself and others with a truth forged in the swirling fire of nature.

A fiery path I hope you’ll join me on now. Because while it may not always be easy to be yourself, it is surely the most magical way to go about living.

With love,



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