“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” – Marcus Aurelius

Did you know that humans are much more likely to accomplish a goal if there’s something at stake? For this reason I’m going to encourage everyone to create trash talking jar. Every time you notice a negative internal or external thought or comment you put money in a jar. If you think you might not be honest with yourself, get your friends to play this game with you.

A big inspiration for beginning this hi-vibe challenge was John Tomlinson and Legacy Salmon Creek Family Medicine Clinic. Part of what made their experience so interesting is that they put their money where their negative talking mouths were. Graciously sending me the $200 they raised to help with a wish in 2017.

To get a clearer understanding of what I mean please review the below email I received from John. His experiences inspired me to dive deeper. I hope they do the same for you

Legacy Salmon Creek Family Medicine Clinic’s No S#*t talking Challenge Experience:

Dear Josh,

Here is our story on the No Shit Talk.

You have inspired all of us to think before we talk and be more mindful.

Our “No Shit Talking” challenge.

At the beginning of October, we decided to commit ourselves to the “No Shit Talking” after reading the email from Joshua Dawson.

We work at Legacy Salmon Creek Family Medicine Clinic in Vancouver WA, four of us committed to taking on the challenge of ” NO SHIT TALKING”

For the month of October, every time we talked badly about ourselves or anyone else we had to put a quarter in a jar.

Needless to say it was a challenge for sure!

We would like to share our experiences.

My own personal experience was realizing how much I do shit talk.

Over the month, I caught myself several times while driving in the car and just having this pent up angry, that I didn’t realize I had.

Well… maybe I did realize…since I try really hard to be neutral with my feelings and emotions on the most part, around everyone, while driving I feel, I can shit talk and no one can hear me.

Wrong! I can hear myself and those negative feeling go out into the universe, not good for myself or anyone else.

It has made be become more Mindful to myself and those around me.

Trish Tomlinson

What can you I say about the No Shit Challenge? NO shit it was a challenge!

Apparently not talking shit has become second nature to me because when I had to stop it was difficult.

I had to make a conscious effort when I spoke with others not to say anything negative and hateful, I also had to stop and think on how to respond honestly without being hurtful. The funny thing is where I work the front office as a whole decided to take the challenge and the first day it was REAL quiet. It was funny and kind of sad to think that most of our conversations were shit talking of others. When we noticed co-workers talking shit about others or themselves we would call out “quarter” so they would stop and realize what was being said, we would even debate whether it was true shit talk or not. Sometimes we would just throw money in the bucket because there was just no stopping the bad coming out of our mouths. It was an eye opener for me because deep down I do try to be a good, caring and giving person and there are times that I go off trail and I am a firm believer of staying on the trail and this is a reminder to myself that words that come out of my mouth needs to be good, caring and giving to someone’s well-being.

I’m glad we decided to add money to the challenge so someone can benefit from our mistakes. 

Monique Brown

I am not going to lie! This was a rough challenge for me. I realized I am a shit talker! Sometimes in good fun and joking , making fun of myself or others. Sometimes I am just a shit talker! While driving my car or talking about my ex. I owed a lot of money the first week . Then I decided to filter myself and keep my mouth shut. It made me very aware of the negative talk that comes out of my mouth at times about myself and others. It was a real eye opener. I am glad it is over though because I would be broke if I had to do it every month. Apparently I didn’t learn to stop shit talking forever. I am back to my old shenanigans and shit talking ,but mostly in good fun now. Trying not to shit talk anymore.

Nikki Fazio

After taking ,The No S#*t challenge, I realized that I am not very negative most of the time. I did pay a little more money in the beginning, but by the end I was doing pretty well in not having to pay much money. I also noticed there were certain times when I was a little more negative than other times. Driving and talking to other drivers under my breath was one instance of negative talk time. Another time was when I would be around other people that were talking negatively and I would also start talking like that as well. As the challenge progressed, I would comment to people that were talking negatively and try to have them look at the positive of people/issues and let them know about the challenge we were doing. Most people thought it was a worthy cause/issue to work on being more positive.

I’ll implore you to follow Salmon Creek Family Medicine Clinic‘s lead. Please consider putting your money where your mouth is and put a quarter/dollar (or whatever your can afford) in a jar every time you talk negatively. Get your friends, family and co-workers to join you. When you’re finished the challenge, pay it forward. Give it to whomever you feel deserves it. Remember, the universe is always watching. Don’t sabotage yourself, take your power back.

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