Do you ever feel as though you’re in a loop? Stuck in a routine?

Walking into a store last week noticing the Christmas season advertising and associated music being piped through the hidden speakers above me I felt like Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog Day. Or maybe even a conscious robot from HBO’s newest hit TV show West World observing the loop of their lives.

Nature naturally goes from season to season, inhaling and exhaling its life force. An annual repetitive process I feel much more at ease with than any manufactured consumer focused reality. Going from Valentine’s Day to Easter to Halloween to Christmas then repeating, without missing a beat. A process that has the potential to replace nature’s innate whisper with thoughts of shopping dancing in our heads.

But all is not doom and gloom in this wordy picture I create. For awareness, as always, holds the key to escape. Allowing originality of expression to shine through the lazy, hazy monotony. Injecting new life into any life rerun.

Today, it’s my hope you’ll remember Norman Vincent Peale’s words “Change your thoughts and you change your world.” and shake things up a little with these simple suggestions:

  • Do something that frightens you
  • Drive/walk a new way to work
  • Look up instead of down when walking
  • Introduce yourself to a stranger, make a new friend
  • Eat vegan or don’t eat at all for a day
  • Say “yes” when you’d normally say “no”
  • Do something just for you. Go to the spa, gym, etc
  • Contemplate moving or quitting your job. Just imagine it, sit with it. See how it feels
  • Try to go a day without watching TV, reading, surfing the internet, shopping, cleaning.

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