“You have very bad car Karma, Josh.”

I couldn’t help but agree with these words from Deepak Chopra on the other end of the phone as I stood outside the Portland Oregon Convention Centre last month. The car I had arranged for him was now 20 minutes late.

While I hadn’t fully noticed it before, this was the 6th time in our 6 events with Deepak that we had some issue with the car service.

My immediate panicky reaction was to ask Deepak if he wanted me to call the hotel and arrange something else. Illiciting a response I should have expected “Now josh you know me well enough to know I like to keep things simple. I’ll wait for the driver to arrive.” Reminding me to stay calm and respond versus react, I called the driver who was now close to the hotel after traversing unexpected traffic.

The car finally arrived and the next 3 hours would see a very smoothly run event. As the final books were signed I called the driver to ensure prompt arrival then joked to Deepak that this interesting karma had been transcended. And, sure enough, as we walked out of the venue we both smiled in seeing the towncar waiting to take us back to the hotel.

Car karma solved with the simple, soft light of awareness and a calm simple response.

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