I very clearly remember receiving the cover and inner design for the Tiny Book of Magic. It’s always surreal to see a wish manifest exactly as you imagined it. Sometimes it feels like I live for moments like this. Watching a dream go from a random caught thought, through focused effort, eventually reaching its peak with the physical manifestation.

What I didn’t mention about yesterday was that I’ve spend the last 9 days working 10-15 hours creating a very detailed and robust marketing funnel that will help this dream reach as many people as possible.

Its one of the true wonders of wishes that they can lend you the power to traverse some of life’s monotony. My belief in this book’s ability to help people heal is the reason I can work these difficult hours in front of what sometimes feels like a life sucking laptop. And while I could easily sit back and relax into the egotistical side of this feat. The one that says “I did it. I’m an author.” I won’t. Because with any creative expression, the end goal is only a small part of its power. With a true dream, you not only touch yourself with its beautiful bloom, but many, many others. And it’s this expansion, that allows for the completion of the boring, challenging stuff with a big smile on your face.

With love,


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