What if I told you the world is safer now than it’s ever been? Most people wouldn’t believe me arguing this or that point to strengthen the illusion they see and hear on the 24 hour news cycle. If you don’t believe me go here for the data: The world is actually safer than ever

Overall, we’re more democratic, have less homicides, less poverty, and war deaths. Yet, if you were to watch the news, you might be afraid to walk out your front door. Why? Look no further than the “why” of the news. It’s their objective to sensationalize, looking for individual stories that attract attention. With fear being one of the biggest sellers.

Making their job relatively easy. It’s easy to find a few people having a really bad day, report a shallow story on the negative aspects of the experience and pump it into our collective consciousness via TV, internet and any other distribution channel. We’re attracted to shiny objects that deviate from the norm. Look different than our experience. Make us, on some level, feel better about our life condition.

Our job is a little more challenging. With this news cycle constantly in our face, attracting our attention like a shiny object, we must look away and within for our peace.

Don’t believe the hype that tells you any different. Release yourself from the hypnotic trance of suspenseful news entertainment. The world outside is full of love and beauty. Remove the fat from your information diet. Remember Franklin D. Roosevelt’s declaration that “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

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