Recently, someone asked “How do you write everyday?” Before I started doing it, I thought the same thing. In fact, when I recently took some time off, I began to wonder if I could do it again. You know why? Fear crept in. Seth Godin says “Writers block is an inability to dance with our fear.” Something you might want to remember when you tell yourself you can’t do something.

Simply, bluntly put – You do it by doing it.

Same goes for stopping something that doesn’t serve you. You stop doing it. Which has the compounding benefit of freeing up time to do the things you thought you couldn’t do. Want to stop smoking? Stop putting cigarettes up to your mouth. A harsh sentence that seems to go against the story saying how hard it is to quit. Yet, still the truth.

Release the need for every day to be filled with creative genius and positive reinforcement. Do whatever you want to do for one simple reason – You love it. Keep it simple, develop a daily practice, transcend the limiting story looping in your mind and you’ll begin to create the very things you assumed were reserved for life’s geniuses. If…you can dance with fear.

Till tomorrow.

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