“I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”

This positively focused reminder from Mother Teresa has been ringing in my ears as I’ve contemplated how to organize a 21 day NO SH*T TALKING Challenge. And while I’ve had many inspirations and ideas there always seemed to be this uneasy background static noise taking me out of any written flow. Until last night. With Mother Teresa’s words finally allowing a dawn of realization to break I understood what was holding me back. The words “NO” and “SH*T TALKING” were dragging me down.

So, why a no-sh*t talking challenge?
The idea for the no s#*t talking challenge was first birthed during the filming of the Genie TV pilot in LA. There was a moment in the Ferrari on our way to a surprise wish grant that Ingrid and I were gifted a wonderful lesson. While driving, we proceeded to talk shit about a person on the production crew. Nothing serious, just slight annoyances we were having with the shoot up to that point. About 2 minutes into our rant we realized that the very person we were talking about could likely hear us. We still had our microphones on.
Popular India mystic Sadghuru says “There is no such thing as good habits and bad habits – all habits are bad. Habit means doing things unconsciously, automatically.” And he has a point. A perspective we are going to hopefully keep with us as we embark on this journey together. Because with these 21 day challenges we are essentially attempting to replace old habits we deem “bad” with new habits we categorize as “good.” Yet, in a deeper reality there is no such thing as good or bad habits. Just conscious and unconscious actions.
We’re NOT going to attempt to make ourselves better. We’re already undeniably awesome. We’ll simply begin to increase our moments of consciousness with mindful practice. With a stripping away of our s#*t talking habit we’ll begin to allow a more natural expression. If you accept this challenge, for 21 days we’re going to commit to monitoring our the negative talk that we sometimes sabbatoge ourselves with. And to alter a habit you must first understand the triggers. Making awareness the key to unlocking a little piece of joyful living.

What is shit talking?

Any negative talk that you verbalize and is problem focused. For example, “Sally is a real loser.” or “I can’t believe she Donald Trump is such an idiot.” Or, negative talk/thought that you internalize that is problem focused. “I am fat.” “I am a loser.” “I’m ugly”, etc..

What is NOT shit talking

Telling the truth in a compassionate, loving positive solution focused way. For example: “I don’t agree that we should build a wall on the US – Mexican border Mr. Trump because all the stats point to it being a huge waste of money and will accomplish the opposite of what it is intended.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery said “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” Something I wholeheartedly believe. And this is where our focus will be drawn for these next 21 days. Following Antoine de Saint-Exupery and Mother Teresea’s leads we’ll no longer hold the weight of our heavy less than perfect selves. And for this reason I’ll rarely use the words “NO” and “SH*T TALKING” together.

When No Sh*t Talking Becomes Good Vibrations

For the next 21 days we’re going to strip away talk that no longer serves us. Revealing a little more of our true nature. Right here, I commit to this high vibration experiment and will write post every day hopefully inspiring you to do the same. And this isn’t one sided here folks. Knowing that I was about to take part in the this challenge I’ve been noticing a substantial increase in my negative talk. Maybe I wanted to get it all out and binged a little. Regardless, I’m going to need a little help keeping the train on the tracks. So, please give me some inspiration to keep going with your stories with personal emails. Let’s remove the burden of negativity from our lives, together.

This junk word and thought purge begins with the beautiful light of awareness. Right NOW.

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