I love people watching. Sometimes I’ll just get a tea and hang out watching people in new cities for hours. Same goes for my kids, Ingrid and anyone I love. Sneaking a glance at them when they aren’t looking, my heart melting for an infinite moment.

We all do it. Watching. Whether it be TV, our phones, Facebook, instagram, the ocean, sports, our lives. It’s really our primary activity.

What is it about observing that appeals to us so much? Ask this question of yourself enough and you may notice that observing is actually who we really are. Watchers.

Admist all this change swirling around you, what is the only constant? Your mind? Nope that changes. Your body? Not a chance. That’s changed since you began reading this.

The only constant in your life is The Who who is watching you. Your awareness. It was there when you were a child, it’s there now and will continue its position after your body passes.

Like a camera, this awareness can focus on narrow, painful, aspects of the ever changing or rise above and take a 3D panoramic. Transcending the day to day struggles. And the amazing part is, you being the operator of this ultimate camera, get to choose which shots you’re going to take today.

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