Many of us aren’t interested in talking about death. Mostly because it seems to be such a downer and oh so against life. Having watched my dear father mercifully go through death’s door at 53 isn’t something I’d like to repeat. But, as it is with many extreme challenges, a depth was revealed, providing the answer to a tricky life riddle. Coming to the realization that a deeper understanding of death was required to truly understand life. Something you’ve heard from me before in lesson one’s – The illusion of death.

Allan Watts, one of my favourite teachers, implores you to imagine what it would be like to go to sleep and never wake up. Contemplate that for a moment. Make a mental note to put this thought in your mind before your next mediation and see where it takes you. After you swim in this feeling for a while, move on to Mr. Watt’s second imagination “What would it be like to wake up after never going to sleep?” A moment before conception. Delve even deeper and become the witness behind your breath. That space between your inhale and exhale, connecting the dots of you. Where our true powers resides.

Today every breath can be an opportunity to feel the reality of who you truly are. Not the body you’ve spent so much time assuming was you. Begin to see death as your friend, as a closing door to your most recent breath, revealing a new one. And try not to forget this interesting anonymous quote:

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