Tiny Book of Magic

Tiny Book of Magic

“A magical book that can help you transcend life’s greatest illusions and live a wishes fulfilled existence.”

Deepak Chopra

Tiny Book of Magic

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About the Book

If you are ready to master your mind and access the freedom needed to achieve your truest wishes, then, it may be time for the Tiny Book of Magic.

In this motivational book, combining magic, strength, wisdom and simplicity into an inspiring tale of self-discovery, Joshua Dawson reveals how to effectively make the shift from ordinary to ExtraOrdinary living — a life filled with purpose, compassion, impact, and love. 

Fulfill Your Wishes

The daily tools and tactics needed to fulfill your wishes without sacrificing yourself in the process.


How to express your most perfect and powerful dreams to the world (that make buying into your vision an obvious no-brainer).

Spiritual Solutions

How to apply spiritual solutions in any area of your life — From business to family and everything in between.

Magic Zone

How to transform your problems, hardships and challenges into your biggest opportunities that will propel you into the magic zone.

Flow With Ease

How to make life count and flow with ease by focusing on what truly matters.

Go North Of Happy

Step off the 'search for happiness' hamster wheel and remember the energetic peace of simply being

About the Author • Joshua Dawson

Joshua Dawson has been spreading magic across the world for over seven years. Inspired by the tragic and unexpected loss of his fifty-three-year-old father, Joshua initially felt that he had lost his anchor and longed to relive the days he and his father had spent loving life together. On a particularly dark day three and a half years later, a spark of magic touched Joshua’s own life when he was inspired by an idea.

While he might not be able to create more perfect days with his dad, he could bring them to others, thus igniting the release of a genie and a tidal wave of wish granting that continues today. Having already inspired millions through over 250 media stories while granting hundreds of wishes, presented for TEDx on the power of love, filmed a pilot for a wish-granting TV series, and shared the stage with the world’s greatest spiritual teachers, Joshua now sets his sights on releasing more magic into the world with the Tiny Book of Magic: A Genie’s Guide to a Wishes Fufilled Life.


Don’t just take it from us, we gave out a few advance copies. Here’s what people had to say:

“A magical book that can help you transcend life’s greatest illusions and live a wishes fulfilled existence.”

Deepak Chopra

Spiritual icon | Best selling author 

“I loved it! Very inspiring, motivating & readable. A truly magical book that reminded me of Wayne Dyer when we first began working together – I felt a very similar energy.”

Joanna Pyle

Editor | Dr. Wayne Dyer

“Wow! I feel like I just came from a beautiful, enlightening and life changing retreat after delving into this book. The irony is that this “Tiny” book is going to have HUGE and profound effects on people. It already has, I can say that from experience.”

Tasleem R.

Author | Vancouver, B.C.


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I have granted hundreds of wishes in the past seven years while appearing in hundreds of media stories.  To learn more please go here: www.facebook.com/experiencegenie

Well, the purpose of the book is to teach you how to grant your own wishes. But, if you know someone in need of a wish please go to this wish request page: http://www.iamgenie.org/wish/

Please note, we get a lot of requests and unfortunately can’t help everyone.

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