Some mornings, like today, I wake up at 4am for no particular reason. In the past I’d lay in bed trying to get back to sleep for hours with no luck. Working myself up with talk about how I “should” be asleep and now my day is going to be ruined. An attachment to a preconceived thought I have since remembered is best to let go. With the words “should” and “try” becoming more rare in my vocabulary every day.

Trying to do anything is futile because it entails a “holding on” or attachment. Have you ever tried to go to sleep? Are you sad? Go, ahead, “try” to be happy. About as easy as trying to hold onto water. It’s not going to happen.

A much more reasonable activity might be acceptance. Now, if I wake up at 4AM in the morning I instead have an appreciation of this surprising internal alarm. Thankful to be able to write to you here in the peace and quiet of darkness. Feeling and connecting with the space and depth of joy.

Today, if something doesn’t go according to plan just let it be. Practice acceptance and gratitude instead. Look for a lesson. Don’t “try” to be happy. Because you’ll be “trying” your entire life, becoming bitter with the process. Your natural state is joy. Joy in the passing thoughts. And yes that includes the negative ones for one simple reason – they aren’t you. And, in this realization you can begin to watch them as if they were a thrilling movie, piecing together a life of your choosing. Without an attachment to any end result. Releasing the ride on the perceived “life or death” rollercoaster-like up and down moments. Instead settling into your beautiful nature as the joyful watcher.

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