Every morning my friend Dr. Wayne Dyer would say thank-you before his feet hit the floor. A practice I’ve embraced to great effect in my life. Taking it a little step further with an intense morning focus on creating a state that will serve in a positive way throughout the day.

Like Wayne, my day begins with gratitude as a first thought. As I groggly make my way to the sink for a glass of water I begin to notice the beauty of air and space that engulfs me. After the water finishes its hydration process, seemingly rushing to my eyes, waking them and me up, I drop to the floor for push-ups and minor stretch. Enjoying the rush of endorphins before meditating for 20-40 minutes then opening my notebook to write the following:

I Am Grateful for ______________

I Am Grateful for ______________

I Am Grateful for ______________

Today is beautiful. I WILL ______________

Today is magical. I WILL ______________

Today is full of love. I WILL ______________


I try to ensure that I choose new things to be grateful for each day lest I begin to say I Am Grateful for Ingrid, Jack and Hugo, life, etc. over and over losing the effect.

I give you this practice as a hopeful inspiration. It’s very powerful to be a conscious creator of a positive state of being immediately upon waking up. The whole process takes 30-50 minutes or less. And, as “they” say, if you’re too busy to put aside 30 minutes for yourself you might just need more than 30 minutes. Wake up earlier. Do what is needed.

Remember, if you’re thankful you can’t be thinking negatively or trash talking. Fortunately there’s always something to be grateful for. Do yourself a favour and create a gratitude focused morning routine that will jumpstart a high flying day.

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