I find it challenging calling the The Tiny Book of Magic “mine.” Because, to me, thoughts nor words are “mine.” I don’t own them, just as I don’t own a book that was written via my body and mind. In fact, I barely remember writing the best parts. The more transcendent the section, the less ownership I feel. Even now, when a great sentence comes out, I’m amazed. Looking for flow, hoping to tap into something I don’t yet fully comprehend, is one of the primary reasons I love writing so much. With the treasure hunt of finding a sequence of words to almost explain the unexplainable feeling like the real magic.

Same goes for the less insightful thoughts that come my way. I don’t feel like I own them either, thank god. I realize that saying “I am so stupid” entails the trapping of a thought. Whereas “The thought that I’m stupid is passing through me right now” allows it float freely and have less of a physical heavy effect. It may sound all so symantic but, in my experience, this slight perspective shift allows for a more expansive version of you to emerge.

To begin to gain a clearer understanding of what I’m talking about I’d like to share a meditation that Deepak Chopra once took me through that helped release the ownership of “my” thoughts. Ready?

Deepak Chopra “I Am” Meditation:

Close your eyes and begin to watch your breath coming in and out. Relax into yourself. Then follow these three steps:

1) Begin to chant: “I Am **insert your name**” (This can be done aloud or in your mind, whichever is more appropriate)

For me this would be “I Am Josh Dawson” “I Am Josh Dawson” Feel the weight of everything that your full name entails. All your responsibilities, All you TO DOs. Repeat this chat for 3-5 minutes.

2) Now, drop your last name in your chant. For me, this would be: “I Am Josh” “I Am Josh” . Notice how dropping your last name may also decrease the weight of your personality. The last time you knew yourself as only your first name you were likely a child. Embrace this time in your life while continuing to chant for 3-5 minutes

3) Now, drop your name all together chanting “I Am” “I AM” Continue for 3-5 minutes.

Notice how releasing the ownership of something as simple as a your name can lighten the load. Today, remember that you don’t need to hold up the weight of the massive personality you’ve accumulated throughout your life. You don’t need to own those thoughts of yours. Remember that everything in this life passes unless you trap it with thought. Just let is go. Get back into the flow of life by realizing that one’s of life’s greatest illusions is thinking you own anything. Because you don’t.

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