A lot of us believe we’ll only be happy when all our problems disappear. A state that never seems to come for any lasting duration. As soon as we resolve one, another takes its place. Begging the question, how can we achieve a more everlasting joy?

During our Eckhart Tolle event in Vancouver, he talked a lot on this subject. Suggesting that the audience ask themselves this question whenever they think they have a big problem:

“What problem do you have at this moment?”

Pointing out that in the NOW there are no problems. You may be looking out the window thinking about an impending bankruptcy, yet still breathing. There is enough air and you’re likely warm and very physically comfortable. He went on to share a funny story about imagining a Grizzly Bear attacking him from the side of the stage. Glancing over in my general direction, creating this grizzly mental image in his mind, he explained that even a bear rushing his way wouldn’t pose a problem for him. But, rather a challenge that could only be solved in the present moment with a potential action. Explaining that one action might be to make the bear his best friend. Getting a nice laugh from the audience

“Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be.” A relevant Eckhart quote I’ll leave you with today. I hope it helps you realize that only problems you have are mind made. And if you can regain your natural dominion over this part of your life, inner peace will return. No matter the challenge.

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