Sitting on the edge of the bed, head in hands, weeping. That was the scene a few days after our first Genie tour ended in Miami years ago. I was close to running out of my savings and couldn’t see how it would be possible to continue granting wishes. With the thought of going back to a normal job after assuming I had found my calling being enough of a depressant to illicit the salty tears.

Fast forward 7 years later and while we’ve had our fair share of close calls when it comes to perceived failure, I’ve always made myself this one promise. If the Genie is forced to stop doing what it does for lack of money or whatever, that’s fine. What will be, will be. But it won’t be a failure from my point to view.

Success to me is giving it everything you’ve got. Leaving nothing on the table. Remember, our collective soul is infinite and cannot be quantified or qualified. Never let anyone define you, objectify you or allow you to think that you are less than. We are exactly who we are meant to be in this moment. Moving forward, creating a path. There will be challenges but they will pass. When these come up, take a deep breath and step into the metaphorical fire. Allow the flames to remove what is no longer needed, forging a stronger version. Realize that this moment, no matter what it is, is right on time. You’ve come a long way to get right here, right now. Respect your true identity, walking with grace no matter your life circumstance. Remember you are a spark in the vast story of the universe waiting to catch fire.

We all have our own path, and not everyone’s looks like success from the outside world looking in. Pay no heed to that. Go with what feels best to you and let the critics have their say as you pass their way. Everything you’ve ever wanted, everything you’ve ever needed is within, waiting for you. Now, go explore your depth. I’ll meet you there.

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