While the research isn’t conclusive it’s predicted that we have anywhere from 15,000 – 60,000 thoughts a day. Pretty amazing hey? What’s even more incredible is that almost 100% of them are the same thoughts we had the day before with 80% of them being negative. Today, let’s help sway these stats to the positive side of the pendulum with this simple awareness exercise.

Now that we’re a few days into this challenge let’s explore the most frequent negative thoughts we are presently having. My top 3 trash talk/thoughts have been:

– I’m not a good enough writer to be helping other people

– Negative talk/thought directed at two specific people

– I’m getting fat

Today, it might be of service to write each of your top three negative looping brain tracks down. Get them out of your head by writing each on a seperate piece of paper. Then, read each aloud and put them in a box right next to the trash talking jar you may have. Throughout your day, whenever you have a negative thought/talk try to write it down. If you can’t write manually use the notes feature on your phone and write them down when you get home. Then, pop them in the box. I hope it helps!

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