You’re never going to please everyone.

I recently wrote an email where I mentioned that I smoke pot and drink alcohol from time to time. Now, I didn’t need to mention this at all but I felt compelled to do so for many reasons. Shining a light on these low frequency habits of mine in an effort to transcend them. Hopefully helping others do the same.

But the reality is not all people can handle the truth. Instead looking for a perfect version of humanity that they can look up to and emulate. A mythical creature that I have yet had the opportunity to meet. And in this fast paced society we live in with digital friends, we’re mostly rewarded for only showing our shiny happy selves. Being the hero is a much more ego gratifying personality to accept.

Yet, there is a dark side to only showing the light side. Because you know deep down who you are. You know all your negative habits. And when you continually try to live up to a lopsided version of yourself you feel fake.

We’re all human. We all make mistakes. We all go down the rabbit hole from time to time. Yes, even those heroes you worship. And the sooner we embrace the beauty of this, shining a light on our bits the make us feel dirty or different, the lighter we become. Allowing for a more transcendent version to emerge. One that is chaotically beautiful. One that shines so bright some people may need to look away.

Today, tell someone something you’ve been hiding. It need not be a big thing. Start small and release yourself of these negative thought burdens weighing you down. You’ll likely be surprised at how freeing it is. And, how understanding your true friends are.

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