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Wishes Fulfilled

See the Genie in Action

Genie Intro
The Genie
2.Standford's Wish Grant Surprise Long
5.First time seeing friend in 20 years LONG
4.Michael Jackson Studio Wish Grant with Sidney LONG
8.Standfords Final Expereince and Recap LONG

About the Genie

Joshua Dawson

Joshua Dawson, born 1974, is an accomplished Genie, entrepreneur, and founder of I Am Genie, an inspirational wish granting movement. He graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from Memorial University and has granted hundreds of wishes in over 100 cities across North America. 


When he is not granting wishes, he spends his time on magical Galiano Island in British Columbia with his fiancé Ingrid and his two beautiful inspirations, Jack and Hugo.


In 2016 he released "The Tiny Book of Magic: A Genie's Guide to a Wishes Fulfilled Life" and is a firm believer that "the world is full of magic if you know where to look".

About Ms. Genie

Ingrid Thornhill

Mrs. Genie, Artist and island hippy girl at heart, Ingrid’s life experiences are rather unique. At the age of 5 she’d meditate to feel the heartbeat of ancient trees and spent hours in solitude writing letters to God.


Having traveled extensively around the world, Ingrid has had some incredible experiences which include motorbiking across Southern India, deep water diving in the beautiful Bahamas, painting in South Africa, camel-back riding in Egypt, and party coordinating in Japan.


Ingrid is the most fulfilled when she is traveling around the world with her main squeeze, Joshua Dawson. Together they are on a mission to help others in need, shine their light, and bring joy to the world.

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